Tuesday, January 13, 2015

XO Man-O-War #24 (Classic Valiant)

Visigoth Aric Dacia is back home, and back in possession of his alien XO armour. Both he and his friend Randy have been through some tough times since they last met, and both have a lot to unload on each-other over a nice cold beer...

This is a pure character issue, with zero action, minus a bar-room brawl. This is what I feel issues like #5, and #21 should've been like. Granted, this one doesn't really succeed, as the character interaction really only amounts to a single scene, where the characters' troubles are for the most part quickly out in the open and put to bed for good.

The characters here are rather boring, and they make for dull protagonists. As for secondary characters, we've got a gang of biker (?) guys and their female leader Scrumptious. Minus the latter, they end up in a bar fight with Aric, who snaps one guy's arm, yet come a few issues down the line, they're good friends! The trouble with this bunch is that the story doesn't seem to know what it wants the characters to be. Are they violent brawlers who are more than happy with hitting women who refuse their advances, or are they a bunch of lovable bar-room slobs? The next time they appear just confuses things even more!

The art here is decent. The cover sucks though. All it shows is the lead character's face, and really poorly drawn concerning the lips! It's also a total non-sequitur.

This issue of XO Man-O-War gets across very little, and is entirely skippable...

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