Monday, January 26, 2015

Harbinger #28 (Classic Valiant

Butch MacFaddin, a student at the Harbinger Foundation, is due for a psych exam. When he was a child, his superpowers manifested violently, killing his abusive father and battered mother. Meanwhile, new student Mira is having a tough time fitting in, thanks to harsh criticisms...

This is a rather decent issue of Harbinger! It sets up conflict within the hierarchy of the Harbinger Foundation's upper echelon, and develops the character of one of the main leads! A side-effect of this is that the rest of the cast gets shafted, unfortunately, but I'll take what I can get with this series!

This issue's pacing is decent, but far too brief, as the story is over with before you know it.

The art here is decent, but the cover is pretty bad. Not only is it a misrepresentation of the issue's main events and characters, but the lack of background, and terrible pose for Mira is really annoying.

This issue of Harbinger is an improvement over recent entries, but not by much...

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