Friday, January 30, 2015

Harbinger #39, #40, and #41 (Classic Valiant)

The renegade superpowered Harbinger B-Team are on the run from the Harbinger Foundation, who have sent their new top agent The Harbinger (Really? Imaginative title, guys!) after them. The team have to try and tell of the Foundation's evil to the authorities before they're killed by the seemingly malevolent Harbinger...

Here we are. We've finally reached the final issues of Harbinger. They're ok. Not terrible, and certainly not a good finale, but this story is mostly tolerable.

The writing here is ok for the most part, minus moments like one really unsubtle bit of political commentary, that's right up there with Nukie! One thing I did appreciate though was that there was an authority figure who actually believes the 'teens-in-peril' story the leads tell him, which I appreciate, as it's so cliched to have the opposite happen, not to mention overused.

If you thought Faith's been completely out-of-character ever since Issue #26, then you ain't seen nothing yet! The Faith here is like one of those crazy deep south doomsday prepping NRA fanatics! Jesus, Faith, if you're this pipe-bomb happy to take down Harada, just join the damn HARD Corps! It'll save you a lot of time!

The rest of the cast don't have much to them, and there even a few idiotic moments, like when they knock an innocent security guard unconscious, and bury him in snow, including his head, to cover their tracks! Um, Faith, do you and you friends realize that you just possibly killed that man?!

Another dumb moment is when Sam has had enough of fighting and running away, so he splits away from the rest of the group to run away on his own. Newsflash, dumbass. The Harbinger Foundation is responsible for this, not your friends! By breaking away from them, all you're doing is ensuring that you're on your own when The Harbinger inevitably comes for you! Idiot!

The big draw to this issue is that a main character is killed off (I won't say who, but that'll hardly help when the cover spoils it!), and while the characters' emotions at this are decently written, the death itself is completely pointless, as well as depressing! It only serves to end the series on a totally miserable note.

The Harbinger is a pretty boring villain, and his name is lazy, as well as confusing when trying to talk about him, Harbingers, and the Harbinger Foundation in the same sentence. He looks cool enough, but he has zero character to him. Also, his last scene is kinda confusing. If you read summaries for the issue, regarding this scene, they'll say that he's throwing up out of disgust at having to murder someone, and later series The Visitor does prove that description accurate, but in the context of the story, it looks more like he's having hernia pains moreso than a moral dilemma.

The at here is tolerable, but at times, the poor scale makes Faith look like a midget! The covers are ok, but nothing special.

And that's the end of Harbinger. It ends on a depressing whimper, having accomplished nothing but a multiple issue chase scene...

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