Tuesday, January 13, 2015

XO Man-O-War #17 (Classic Valiant)

The local mafia are in for trouble when they learn that business conglomerate Orb Industries is developing an area of land they frequently use as a dumping ground for bodies. They try and muscle their way into Orb and intimidate the company into backing away from the project, but their efforts have the adverse effect when COO Aric Dacia goes after the mob with his powerful alien armour...

Just like last issue, this is a decent story, and it has a bit more meat to it than Issue #16, but it's still a pretty inconsequential tale. There's no suspense, and the threat is dealt with incredibly easily.

Aric is not only a boring protagonist here, but also a pretty unlikeable brute, and he really has no reason to stay in the modern world he complains so much about. If he's so discontented, he should just shut the hell up, go find his only friend Turok, ad live near him off in a secluded jungle somewhere. It's the only sensible place for his stagnating character to go at this point.

Ken is pointless, while relatively new character Randy gets a couple of semi-important scenes with Aric, but nothing comes across that wasn't already established in previous issues.

The story's villain, Benito Carboni, is pretty dull, and acts rather out of character from his previous appearances in Valiant comics. From reading Blodshot, you get the impression that while his deceased partner Canelli was a more violent and murderous gangster, Carboni is a lot more interested in the blue/white collar stuff. The guy's tough, and presumably kneecappy when he needs to be, but he doesn't condone any particularly nasty stuff.

The art here is decent, and the cover's ok, but nothing special.

Once again, this is another skippable issue of XO Man-O-War...

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