Friday, January 30, 2015

The H.A.R.D. Corps #10 (Classic Valiant)

Virgil 'Hammerhead' Peeves, member of the superpowered paramilitary group the HARD Corps, is stuck powerless in the wilderness against malevolent talking dinosaurs, but is help helped out by Native American Indian warrior Turok. Soon enough, the majority of the Corps arrive as backup, and head for the source of the dinosaurs, to stop what their planning...

This issue of The HARD Corps is the last one I own physically as of now, and it's well worthy of that honour! This is a highly entertaining issue, full of action! The plot isn't anything too complex, but it gets the job done, is nice and simple, and ends just right.

Turok had a cameo last issue, while this issue is a proper crossover. It's a well-handled one, as the character and his motivations are presented in a way so you don't have to read a plethora of other material to understand the character.

The characters this issue are written well, with believable conflict between Gunslinger and Turok. No-one gets much development this time round, but they're all still likeable. As for the Bionisaurs, they make for pretty good villains, and don't come across as silly as they could have, what with being evil talking dinosaurs. The dinosaur/human hybrid (yes, I know he's a spider alien, but I frikkin' hate them, so I'll believe what I like) who can't kill due to a genetic mistake is a pretty neat antagonist too!

The art here is very good, and the cover features a nice and dynamic group shot, threatening opponents, and a decent background.

This is yet another very good issue of The HARD Corps!...

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