Friday, January 30, 2015

The H.A.R.D. Corps #16 (Classic Valiant)

Terrorist organization Webnet is after defector Mr. Dubrovsky, who is under the proection of the HARD Corps, a superpowered paramilitary group. They have to escort Dubrovsky to a secure safehouse, but to to this involves going through an enemy-filled amusement park...

This is possibly my favourite issue of HARD Corps. The story itself is basic, but its other qualities give it weight. This comic balances a bleak plot and backstory not only with comedy, but with a strong message and powerful ending. Whether or not the humour works here is up to the tastes of whoever's reading, but the rest is great stuff! As for my opinion, I think that the comedy works.

Not only is the location this issue is set in great, and very varied, but it's also a layer of subtle humour in how this violent series of confrontations all through this amusement park, while everyone in attendance assumes it's just some performance art.

The characters here are decent, with Hammerhead getting the most development this time round. Guest character Mr. Dubrovsky is a great addition, with some very well-written scenes. When it comes to the villains, they're nothing but faceless ninjas, but that's ok-While their presence as villains is important to the plot, their identities aren't.

The art here is good, but there are some oddly drawn moments, as well as strange flashes of purple in others.

This issues of The HARD Corps is fantastic, and I can't recommend it enough!...

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