Friday, January 9, 2015

Harbinger #17 (Classic Valiant)

At the malevolent Harbinger Foundation, and institution devoted to superpowered teenagers, doctors are trying to get through to Simon, a very troubled young man. Using his power of invisibility, Simon manages to escape the Foundation, and comes across the Harbinger Renegades Peter, Shatiqua, Kris, Faith, and Flamingo...

Issue #17 of Harbinger is very wasteful. The story is incredibly rushed, and there's no room for Shatiqua and Simon's connection to grow. They first meet, and then only four pages later (most of which didn't feature them), the Foundation's Eggbreakers are at the party to take Simon away, and Shatiqua is begging that Pete stop them, even though we haven't seen him say a single word to her but "Um, Thanks", "Uh, I don't really know", and "Simon", and she's barely spoken to him either!

The conclusion to this issue is a load of crap! Instead of letting the fragile Simon stay with new friends, the Renegades (particularly Pete) let the Foundation take him, as they're 'more qualified to give Simon professional help' given his mental issues. What bullcrap! For a start, they're not a better option, as their only intention in bettering Simon is to turn him into a living weapon, and if he doesn't agree, they'll either murder or brainwash him! Worst of all is that the Eggbreaker the Renegades hand Simon over to is Rock! The guy who murdered their friend Torque!

The art here is decent, but the cover is pretty bad. Out of context, it's ok, save for the lazy background, but in context, it makes no damn sense!

This was the first issue of Harbinger I ever read, and it certainly primed me for what I'd be in for if I ever read the rest of the series!...

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