Friday, January 9, 2015

Harbinger #22 (Classic Valiant)

The superhuman Harbinger Renegades (Peter, Faith, Flamingo, Kris, and Shatiqua) are having fun at a fair when they bump into old friends Archer and Armstrong. They get reacquainted, but Kris' uncle Mel recognizes Armstrong as the man who slept with his fiancee back in World War II, and later goes to visit a mobster, to make sure Armstrong gets what's coming to him...

The plot to this issue is very lazy. It's contrived that the guy Kris Hathaway fought in an intergalactic war outside of time with just so happens to also have encountered her uncle!

The whole drive for the plot is pretty flimsy, and Mel comes across as a dumbass. It's been fifty years! Some guy banging your fiancee is a big deal, but if you meet the guy half a century later, revenge is probably gonna be a non-issue, especially hiring mob gangbangers to kill him! Get the hell over it, dude!

Worst of all, the story's ending is very anticlimactic, with the situation having been resolved offscreen!

Valiant characters Archer and Armstrong make for pointless guest stars. Armstrong's past transgressions are the reason for the issue's plot to even happen, but the duo contribute very little to the proceedings.

The Renegades are totally dull here, while conversation between Flamingo and Archer gets the latter's character terribly wrong! He explains to Flamingo that he used to be an angry man until he enrolled at the monastery at Ladakh, Tibet, where he learnt to let go of his anger. That's bullcrap, as the whole impetus for Archer's character is that he can't reconcile his faith and rage!...Well, that was the impetus in the only two good issues of A&A. The rest just ignored any semblance of character to having boring issue-long fight scenes.

The art here is overall decent, though having Kris be all smiles when telling Armstrong about the friggin' loss of her baby is NOT a good artistic decision!

The cover is pretty decent, even if the situation the characters are in looks idiotic. Unfortunately, Shatiqua's face almost looks like a racist caricature, with the wide eyes and puffy red lips!

This is a pretty lousy crossover. What is it with Valiant comics guest starring Archer and Armstrong and having terrible endings?!...

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