Monday, January 26, 2015

Armorines #4 (Classic Valiant)

In various spots on Earth, hidden alien ships are leaving the planet, cloaked from all forms of radar. As they head into space for their Gathering, the small forces of Earth aware of the alien presence gear up to take them down...

Issue #4 of Armorines is an interlude between storylines, and boy, does it fail in that regard!

This series has quite simply too many characters, worsened by them only being a bunch of names without personalities! As of now, Sirot is still the only one with any inkling of character to him, but it's still not much at all. What's worst about all of this is that this issue is meant to be a character-centred interlude!

Our main lead Gunny is still a major cockhead. Not only is he a rude, disrespectful, misogynist, but he also forgets he was meant to pick up his daughter from the airport! Remind me again why we're supposed to be concerned that Senator Ackerman wants Gunny off the Armorines?

Another problem with his character is his informed feelings, which Major Lane exposits about when talking with him-"I know how much the Armorines project means to you". Do you, Major? Well in that case, could you tell me, because five issues in and I sure as hell don't know!

The art here is ok, but frequently blurry, and the opening fight scene looks like crappy anaglyph 3D, thanks to the blurriness, and coloured shield outlines. Another problem is that Gunny is only 38 years old, but drawn and written like he's over fifty! 38 is not old!

The cover is pretty bad. It's grimy, messy, and if it's trying to be funny, it fails.

It's crossover time when I continue to talk about Armorines, and once I'm through the Spider Alien stretch, we'll see if this series ever gets good!...

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