Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The H.A.R.D. Corps #8 (Classic Valiant)

After the regular HARD Corps team broke off from their assignment to take down an installation of the malevolent Harbinger Foundation, a team of trainees are sent instead. They sneak into the building, planting explosive charges in key structural points, but as they escape, Harbinger leader Toyo Harada destroys the explosives, and the HARD Corps rookies have to go back and finish the job...

This issue's plot is pretty simple, but it's very entertaining, with likeable characters and fun action! The dialogue in some places is a bit exposition-y, but never bad.

This introduces a new set of characters with the B-Team. They don't have much too them yet, but are likeable, and the little touches help (such as Wipeout's nervousness about killing enemies). Hotshot makes for a great sub-team leader, and is a worthwhile addition to the main cast. She's a tough, experienced military badass!

For way outclassed rookies, they do a fine job, and when the main cast show up to aid in the situation, you get the feeling that they're here as needed backup, rather than upstaging the young team.

Really my only problem with this issue is the presence of villainous character Static, who's alive here, despite the fact that the events of Issue #4 should've killed her ten times over (she was unconscious, and about two feet away from the epicentre of an explosion that sunk the tanker she was on, sending it to the bottom of the ocean).

The artwork here is very good, although faces here and there look a bit Ken Doll angular. The cover is pretty good too, although which laser blasts are from which side is a bit cluttered.

There's not exactly a huge story going on here, but this is an entertaining issue of HARD Corps regardless...

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