Friday, January 30, 2015

Harbinger #38 (Classic Valiant)

The superpowered Harbinger School B-Team students are relaxing in New York, but soon have another battle on their hands when Butch tries helping an battered woman away from her abusive Harbinger boyfriend Spikeman...

To make up for the complete lack of the B-Team over the last three issues, this issue focuses entirely on them,  and that's a decent move, although now that the series finally has a definitive arc, this standalone story feels a little superfluous sandwiched in-between these big cataclysmic events.

Regardless of how superfluous this story feels, it's quite decent, so I'll give it all the credit it deserves. It develops some of its characters rather decently, but unfortunately there's very little in the way of a proper ending.

While Simon is at this point a completely different character to the institutionalized mentally unstable kid h was all the way back in Issue #17, I suppose I could give this series the benefit of the doubt in this case and assume it's character development. As for Sam, he has reason to be sad, but unfortunately his dialogue can really sound emo at times.

I hesitate to say the that returning characters Spikeman and Roxy are out-of-character here, as it's been chronologically over two years since they last appeared, but it's definitely hard to get used to seeing them both act so differently. They're both decent characters if you can get over that, and Spikeman is an effective villain, moreso than he ever was before, now that he has a more distinctive identity. Unfortunately, Roxy abruptly vanishes from the action, never getting any onscreen resolution.

The art here is decent, but with some slightly odd moments, like bugged-out eyes. The cover is decent, although oddly angled, and Butch and Spikeman meld together a bit, causing confusion. Also, why is Mira in on the action? She's nowhere near the rest of the B-Team this issue!

This is another decent issue of Harbinger, but I still don't recommend it...

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