Monday, January 26, 2015

Harbinger #27 (Classic Valiant)

The Harbinger B-Team, a group of misbehaving superpowered private school teens. are on a camping trip to a cabin in the wilderness, and come across a mysterious monster...

This issue of Harbinger isn't very good. The characters are dull, not having much of anything to them. Faith, the supposed main character doesn't even get a huge amount of dialogue! As for the plot, it's barely there.

The 'villain' of this story is especially annoying. It's a Spider Alien! AGAIN! These schmucks are villains in Solar, Man of the Atom, XO Man-O-War, Armorines, HARD Corps, Harbinger, Secret Weapons, and more! Was having another kind of alien out of the question?! Making this worse is that there were already three separate spider alien stories going on in three other series' at this point in time!

The alien has no character, or dialogue, nor is there any plot about it. It's just defending a tree because. The characters realize this, and the plot just stops.

The ending is really abrupt! It feels like the story ends in the second act! What's worse is that the cast's decision is incredibly stupid if you know anything about the spider aliens. Because of them, people are gonna die horribly!

The art here is decent,  and there's one moment in particular that I dig, when Mira arrives at the Harbinger Foundation. The cover's decent too, not only in showing off well-framed action from the issue, but also in having a background, which many issues of this era of the series lack.

This issue of Harbinger accomplishes nothing, and isn't worth your time...

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