Friday, January 9, 2015

Harbinger #18 (Classic Valiant)

The superhuman Harbinger Renegades meet a new Harbinger named Screen...

This issue does a lot of setup. We get seeds for the story of Issues #19 and #20, Peter's unexplained sickness, the introduction of Screen, and the foreshadowing that all the cards are exactly where Harada wants them when it comes to the Renegades. Because of all this setup, there's no real story to this issue, and the only bit of conflict comes from Peter being a dick who gets angry when he sees Screen in the team's apartment, even though it's pretty obvious he's a guest of Pete's friends/roommates.

The ending to this story caps off the scattered plot by just stopping as the characters watch a TV news report that amounts to nothing. It tries to be a shock ending, but it's honestly not that surprising that Harada would know Bill Clinton. Huge business magnates usually tend to be chummy with presidents.

The writing here is pretty meh, and terrible when it comes to Faith. As for the characters, they're all bland, including the new character Screen, although he could be interesting if he was fleshed out.

This issue is a tangled mess, which is a pretty fitting metaphor for the state of the series as a whole at this point...

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