Friday, January 30, 2015

The H.A.R.D. Corps #9 (Classic Valiant)

The superpowered paramilitary group the HARD Corps are having some downtime, and Sam 'Flatline' Kim uses this opportunity to reconnect with his wife, who thinks Sam died in the LA Riots some months back. Unfortunately, not only is Sam too late, but any hopes he had of reaching his wife before she boards a plane to Korea are shot to hell when he and his comrade Superstar are the only hope of stopping a nearby hostage situation...

This issue is a very good entry in The HARD Corps. It has plenty of plot going on, not only regarding Sam trying to find his wife (who thinks he's dead), as well as the hostage situation he and Superstar get involved in, but we also get moments between Hammerhead and his daughter, as well as one good moment with the HARD Corps Rookies.

The writing here is good, as are the characters. Flatline gets the most development here, with this issue closing the book on an ongoing arc.

The artwork here is very good. The cover's a bit cluttered, but still pretty good, showing decent, albeit slightly apocryphal, action from the story.

Issue #9 of The HARD Corps is yet another great addition to this series!...

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