Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Harbinger #7 (Classic Valiant)

After the events of last issue, a team member of the superhuman Harbinger Renegades was brutally killed. Reeling in shock, the surviving team members (Pete, Kris, Faith, and Charlene) mourn the loss of their friend...

While not terrible, this is a poorly written issue of Harbinger overall. It does a very mediocre job at showing a superhero team in mourning, due to the idiotic dialogue, and the characters' emotions not coming across quite as they should, save for Kris. The unfunny comedy in one spot also doesn't help.

As I said, the characters aren't very well-written. Their reactions towards Torque's death aren't horribly written, but are rather boring and lacklustre, except for Kris, who's the only one to consistently be distraught over Torque's death.

Peter is an idiot, as he's surprised at Kris' distraught attitude, and can't understand why she's feeling the way she is. Because your friend is dead, asshole!

The final bit of idiocy this story comes at the end, when the Renegades think on what to do with Torque's money. Kris suggests they give it to a literacy charity (as Torque was illiterate), but Faith shoots that idea down. When I first read the issue, I misinterpreted her desire as wanting to use the money in the team's fight against the Harbinger Foundation, which is a very dumb reason (as $2500 dollars would help a charity a lot more than it would help sustain a private war), but the true reason is a lot simpler, and a lot stupider. They use the money to buy a cheap shitty car to drive to Alabama. That's it. And this was a better decision than charity how?!

The artwork here is ok, but smudgy in places, and characters looks dead-eyed here and there. The cover is quite good, but empty, as Flamingo is the only cast member present.

A whole issue devoted to mourning a lost character could definitely work, but here, it just feels like a dull wasted opportunity...

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