Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bloodshot #9 (Acclaim Comics)

While a couple of prior issues of surreal Acclaim Comics action series Bloodshot are skippable, there hasn't been any bad issues yet...until now! Issue #9 of Bloodshot is the only real bad one in this series' entire run!...

Having gone on numerous unseen adventures since last issue, undead supersoldier Bloodshot has finally found out everything about his forgotten past life, and shoots himself in the head as a result...

This issue is a confusing mess! It starts off in the near future, with Bloodshot committing suicide, and then we get a convoluted and all-over-the-place montage of the journey leading up to this, over confusing dialogue until the issue's end, eventually ending in the present, to show the events that lead up to Bloodshot's suicide in proper order. This fails at that due to the confusing dialogue and structure, and it basically accomplishes nothing. There's no reason why we could have been saved this issue and seen the remainder of Bloodshot's journey, then his suicide, in real time rather than first being given this wasteful filler issue!

The really baffling thing in this issue is that what finally drives Bloodshot over the edge is...Quantum and Woody, the goofball Acclaim comedy! Bloodshot, desperately looking for something to believe in, finally comes across a matinee sign for a movie about Q&W character Vincent van Goat, and gives up on life! This isn't a series that shies away from a bit of surreal comedy here and there, and this scene would probably fit nicely if the rest of the issue wasn't so enraging.

Nothing new to report on in the artwork department. It's cluttered, as usual. The cover isn't very good either. The intent is for it to show Bloodshot pointing a gun to his head, but the weapon's aim is pointing elsewhere, which ruins the effect.

That's all there really is to say about this issue. It's an annoying waste which you shouldn't bother with.

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