Monday, November 10, 2014

Bloodshot #10 (Acclaim Comics)

Bloodshot, an amnesiac man resurrected from the dead by a shady organization to become a superweapon, is retracing the steps of his former identity, to find out what kind of a person he was. His search leads him to Area 51, where his previous self Raymond Garrison acted as a security installer years prior. Bloodshot breaks in, heavily assaulting the base, wanting to confirm answers, and uncover the truth...

This is definitely a filler issue of Bloodshot, but it tells a neat story  and come the end, while the story arc hasn't been furthered at all, it doesn't come across as a waste of time-A marked improvement over last issue.

The plot here is relatively short, but it's a well-written tale with a great conclusion! There's not really much left I can say without spoiling it, so that's enough out of me.

Bloodshot is a badass anti-hero, and while he doesn't have much personality on display here, his actions speak for his character. There is a problem though, concerning his use of lethal force against the Area 51 security. They might be a bunch of callous and secretive dickheads, but they also might be just innocent security. Thankfully there's at least wiggle room for interpretation, so you can still find Bloodshot likeable if you want.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, there's no pretentious Bloodshot narration this issue. His inner monologue is pretty grounded this issue.

The artwork is the same as usual, but thankfully is less cluttered, which is much appreciated. As for the cover, it's neat and stylish, even if it is a bit of a non-sequitur.

Thankfully the rotten Issue #9 of Bloodshot was only a freak occurrence, and the series is continuing to show just how good it can be with Issue #10!...

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