Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bloodshot #14 (Acclaim Comics)

Undead supersoldier Bloodshot is on the last leg of his journey of identity, which has led him to a secret underground Vatican library. Full of thousands of books, only one is of any importance to Bloodshot-A mysterious 'book of creation'...

This issue of Bloodshot is a mixed bag. One one hand, the writing is decent, and there are good scenes, but on the other hand, the plot is pretty underwritten. It's very confusing and unexplained what this book of creation even is, and why the D.O.A. originally wanted it.

Unfortunately, the ending is also a mess! Bloodshot bumps into Acclaim character Alexandre Darque, who espouses cryptically about stuff, then a giant star man is looming over Rome as Darque talks, then nothing is ever made of this again next issue! Huh?!

I have no idea if the giant Solar (as in Man of the Atom) at the end is metaphorical of something, or if this is supposed to be a lead-in to the Solar: Hell on Earth miniseries, or both. Either way, this is a baffling ending that'll probably leave you cold, despite the neat twisted humour, and if  it was meant to be a lead-in, then it should have said so in a caption box, rather than just assume the reader would automatically know of the Solar event comic.

A highlight of this issue is a two-page spread that shows characters from the original Valiant universe side by side with their Acclaim counterparts. It looks great, for the most part, and while it's confusing as hell what's going on with this Vatican book Bloodshot's reading, it gets across a nice sense of nostalgia and legacy.

There's not a whole lot of pretentious Bloodshot speak, but what there is is amusing. "Ever-rising tide of obfuscating verbiage; the plural deafening itself to the singular. Noise frozen in ink."

The art here is good. The two-page spread is drawn very well, minus a couple of problems. 1, the Acclaim Gilad looks oddly obese, and 2, the Acclaim Magnus' arm musculature looks odd.

The cover is pretty good! It's stylish, and has many facets all over to look at.

This is a confusing issue of Bloodshot, but it's not worthless filler, and it does get across important arc details, so I still recommend it...

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