Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bloodshot #18 (Classic Valiant)

Superhuman secret agent Bloodshot is on assignment in the Middle East, with instructions to find terrorist Bhutu Hassan, an extremist who has stolen a nuclear bomb, and with it intends to 'liberate' Palestine. Bloodshot tracks the madman down, but unfortunately he's up against a villain who's more than happy with detonating the nuke the moment he sees trouble...

Bloodshot Issue #18 is more mediocrity from this series. The plot is a bore that never takes advantage of its interesting setting, using it only as a backdrop for a stereotypical (not inaccurate, but cliched nonetheless) villain. The stolen nuke is the only thing that comes close to creating tension in the story, and even it's just in a scant couple of pages before it's defused.

Bloodshot is dull and overpowered here. Nothing in the story poses a challenge for him, and in the climax, he effortlessly takes down ten heavily armed bad guys in seconds.

The story's villain, Bhutu Hassan, mugs a lot, but there's nothing too him, and he puts up little fight against Bloodshot either.

A particularly bad scene is one which showcases a dumb part of Bloodshot's superpower set. He puts his hand on a computer monitor, and the robotic nanites in his bloodstream allow him to communicate with his boss Neville through his office. Nevermind the idiocy of doing this when he's touching the monitor, not the computer itself, it's absurd that he simply needs to rest his hand on a computer and talk, and he's instantly able to talk to someone at a different computer, halfway across the world no less! And this is from using a computer described as ancient by 1994 standards!

The artwork is decent, but the background in some spots really leave something to be desired. Those white void backgrounds are annoying enough, but this issue has both yellow and red ones on the same page! It looks absurd, like a kid got loose with the Bloodshot master prints in Paint! The cover is ok, but the background, or lack thereof, is boring.

Again this series completely wastes its plots' potential with Bloodshot Issue #18...

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