Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bloodshot #15 (Acclaim Comics)

Following the end of his journey retracing the steps of his past self, undead supersoldier Bloodshot returns to the headquarters of the D.O.A., the sinister organization that gave him life after death. There he finds them attempting to recreate the Project Lazarus experiment with a clone, who's been told that his agonizing incomplete nature was caused by Bloodshot...

This is an entertaining issue of Bloodshot, which brings things to the endgame. It's got good dialogue, good writing, and there's some neat dark humour.

Now onto the problems with this issue...

On the cover is a stylised name change-up-Bloodbath. It sure is a bloodbath alright...But not on the side you'd think! It's Bloodshot who easily takes down his imperfect clone, not the other way around. This is pretty bad writing. If this issue were double-sized, it'd be better able to flesh out its story and characters, but as it stands, nothing here poses a challenge for Bloodshot.

The clone's character is way too unexplored, and it's killed far too soon. As for the returning Eric Stroheim, he too is dispatched far to quickly and easily.

There's a cameo from what I think is another Acclaim character, but I'm not sure who. Maybe Eternal Warriors.

The art here is mostly decent. The clone is grotesquely overmuscled, but there's an actual reason for it, rather than it just being terrible Liefieldian artwork. As for why it looks so monstrous, that's never explained. If it was for a scare factor, then it fails, considering how easily killed the clone is.

Also, the final panel makes the same mistake as the similar-looking cover to Issue #9-Bloodshot's meant to be pointing his gun to his head, but it looks more like it's resting against his head. This kinda ruins the moment.

The cover isn't bad, but it's only showing a face, so it does come across as wasteful.

This is a problematic penultimate issue of Bloodshot, but it's still not bad by any means...

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