Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bloodshot #16 (Acclaim Comics)

Superhuman man Bloodshot is dead, by his own hand. However, while he wanted his journey to be over, as he saw his way of ending things as a means of foiling his adversaries, the people he meets in the afterlife tell him that nothing is over for him. Bloodshot returns to life, newly determined to end the threat of the malevolent D.O.A. once and for all...

The final issue of Acclaim's incarnation of Bloodshot, Issue #16 wraps things up perfectly. It provides a fantastic conclusion that ends this epic journey, providing a definite conclusion, yet the character's future is ripe for more stories.

The dialogue in this issue is great! While there's much of the story's arc concerning the title character that's unexplored, it doesn't feel like it's in a bad way, but rather intriguing. I especially like when Bloodshot meets Raymond Garrison in Deadside. His words to Bloodshot are cryptic, yet say so much, and are actually of worth, as opposed to just being mysterious for mystery's sake.

Some of Bloodshot's finest moments are in this issue, and he's a well-written anti-hero, with a definite arc. While it's not fully explained, there's enough to be a good character journey.

In previous issues, Simon Oreck has been a good villain, but we've never really known his motivations. Here, we learn them, and the add greatly to his character. He's pretty multi-faceted, albeit a tad underused, and he's definitely a well-written antagonist for this series.

The art here is very good, while the cover is ok, but a bit confusing.

Bloodshot Issue #16 is a great finale, and ends the series perfectly!...

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