Monday, August 18, 2014

Trinity Angels #3 and #4 (Acclaim Comics)

Acclaim Comics' Trinity Angels is my new favourite series! It's not my absolute favourite, but it's been great reading for the last couple of days!

Maria, Teresa, and Gianni Barbella are three sisters who recently woke up in the middle of the woods, in strange costumes, supernatural powers, and no memory of how they came to be in this situation. They managed to fend off an attack by the demonic clan The 99 (now pared down to 97 thanks to their efforts), and now that they've tested out their new powers, the sisters have to hurry to the chapel where Teresa's wedding is being held. While a little late, the Barbella sisters arrive soon enough, but unfortunately so have the 99, who are intent on resurrecting their malevolent queen...

This series seems to have completely forgotten that it was partially a raunchy parody of comic cheesecake and the like, and is primarily focused on telling an interesting fantasy story. The writing here is very good, and the ending to Issue #4 is when shit really hits the fan! Things are tense, dramatic, the stakes are high, and the final shot looks great!

Issue #3 has the characters still in the forest from the last two issues, but this is hardly a wasteful storyline the series has going on. Here, we see the three sisters learning their powers, and the loose end of the 'decapitated body' is cleared up, all the while good humour abounds. I'd take more issue with it if this wasn't a miniseries, but that's basically what Trinity Angels is.

The Barbella sisters are a likeable trio with distinct personalities. Their powers are pretty cliched, being your average element-base ones, but that's not a problem as long as the writing is good, which it is. As for Mokey, the guy who stumbled into everything last issue, he's simply a likeable guy with a crush on Teresa at first, but the end of Issue #4 really cements him as a genuine player in this story.

The 99 are a fun bunch, while their Queen is a threatening and cool villain!

These two issues aren't without some problems, unfortunately. When the 99 attack the wedding, there's no transition when the sisters transform, and neither is there any lead-in for how the sisters suddenly know what to call the 99. I guess that much more of their memory came back, but it's never explained.

The art is mostly good, but there are a few low points. As for the covers, they're decent, save for the barcodes, and the action obstructing the title!

Trinity Angels is a series that just gets better and better, and these two issues do a great job at expanding its world!...

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