Thursday, August 7, 2014

She Hulk #1 (Marvel: 2004-2005)

When it comes to popular Marvel heroine She Hulk, so far on this blog, I've talked about her three times before-Once with the fairly entertaining miniseries She Hulks, and a couple of issues of the dreadfully adequate 2014 series. Now I'll finally be getting around to a She Hulk comic that's actually great! And it's about time!...

Life is good for lawyer cum Avenger Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce Banner. Several years prior, she received a blood transfusion from Bruce after she was shot, and the act gave her Hulk abilities too, albeit not quite as strong, and she retains all her intelligence. Nowadays, she's a highly successful lawyer, and when not winning cases, she's helping The Avengers save the world from dire threats. However, as time goes by, Jennifer's fellow Avengers decide that she's been too much of a handful of late, having countless parties, abusing privileges, etc. and they kick her out of her home at the mansion. Soon after, Jennifer is let go from her job, leaving her miserable...

She Hulk is a comedy series, predominately, and this first issue to this series shows off its humour very well. It's extremely funny, and the plot is not only well-written, but it's a done-in-one. It successfully tells a complete story in one issue! SOMEONE TEACH THE COMIC BOOK WRITERS OF TODAY HOW TO DO THIS, PLEASE!

She Hulk is a very entertaining character! She's tough, funny, sexy, and can easily carry a series herself. All the more baffling why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is too damn cowardly to make a movie starring a female character, namely her (granted, I'm sure the grossly, horribly inflated budgets of the film industry is just as much to blame for that, rather than exclusively hardwired sexism). C'mon, guys, give us a She Hulk movie! And give us a real She Hulk! Don't just cast a make-up-less Brigitte Nielson in the role in a spandex catsuit and call it a day!*

*I've said it before and I'll say it again-*phew* We sure dodged a bullet there, given that movie was never actually made!

When I say that She Hulk isn't as strong as her original of a cousin, don't take that to mean 'Oh, of course the female Hulk isn't as strong as the male one! Sexism!' as she's still one of the strongest Marvel superheroines there is, and is more than capable of goin' a few rounds with MODOK! She doesn't indulge in much fourth wall breaking this issue, but that does come soon enough down the line in this series.

The artwork here is very good, while the cover looks great! The photo-realistic illustration's so well-drawn its beautiful! Some might find it to be cheesecake though, but I don't find it as such, but moreso drawn sexy than sexist. It'd be ridiculous if the costume barely covered her boobs, they were the size of mutant watermelons, and she was also somehow twisting her spine around to show off her ass and chest at the same time, but as it stands, the cover's only showing off a sexy lady because the protagonist just so happens to be a sexay lady. As for what it's showing, if this were any other issue, I'd find it bland and empty, but this is a first issue, so having it be of Jen coming towards the audience through a broken wall is nice and stylish.

She Hulk #1 is a great introduction to a very funny series! I imagine that there are some people whose first taste of She Hulk is the dismal 2014 series, and to those I say, if you're disappointed in the blandness of the character and her stories, then give this iteration a read. It'll wash the bad taste completely out of your mouth!...Or not, since you'll be pissed that the new series is still going, and it's as dull as a tack! *sigh*...

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