Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trinity Angels #1 and #2 (Acclaim Comics)

Third time's the charm, I guess!

The concept that Acclaim Comics series Trinity Angels has is pretty similar to awful independent comic series Sultry Teenage Super Foxes (greatly reviewed by comic reviewed Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall here and here) in that this is a somewhat sex comedy about a group of women getting superpowers. The idea also brings to mind Bimbos in Time, although that is pretty different. Either way, this is a concept that seems to be absolute poison, but Acclaim tried it, and succeeded!

Acclaim Comics deserve a lot of credit for not only resurrecting the Valiant characters which would otherwise fade away thanks to the Great Comic Industry Crash of 1996, but also for creating several original characters to inhabit the shared universe. This is what Valiant did when it remade the three Gold Key characters, and it's what some fans nowadays would like New Valiant to do.

Three seemingly random women wake up in the middle of a forest, dressed in strange, revealing costumes, and wielding weapons. At each-other's throats at first, the women soon realize they're all in the same boat. However, they have very little time to wonder what's happened to them, as a large group of bizarre monsters attack them. As the women fend the creatures off, they slowly start to remember what happened to them...

Trinity Angels is a fantasy-adventure and is also a comedy, with semi-plentiful sexual innuendos. Although reading ahead, that's not the series' main focus-Telling a highly entertaining fantasy story is. This is very well-written so far, while the comedy is very funny. There are a couple of jokes that I felt didn't hit the mark, but for the most part, Trinity Angels is highly amusing. The ending to Issue #1 is funny as hell, while #2's is a neat note to end on.

When it comes to how much story these issues tell, it's not a whole lot, but I'm fine with it here, because this two-parter tells a very entertaining story, and that's what matters most. Also, it could be a lot worse. Given the shit the comic industry tends to pull, like issues that accomplish nothing, or stories that take four to six months to tell, it really could be a lot worse!

Despite the compressed storyline, we do get a feel for the characters. While there's plenty we don't know about them, there's enough in the dialogue that this doesn't come across as empty.

The villains are nicely varied, and while we don't know their motivations yet, there's enough for the immediacy of this story.

Now, these two issues don't make up the entirety of this storyline, but that's because said storyline is the entirety of the series, so I can pretty confidently review these first two issues on their own.

The artwork is very good, despite a couple of minor hiccups (awkward looking faces a couple of times), and a fight scene at the start of #2 which is structured confusingly in one part. The covers are decent, but nothing special.

For a semi-send up of superhero comics filled with constant gratuitous T&A, this does have some sexy posing with its characters, and their costumes (which look decent) are barely there, but the really embarrassing thing is that plenty of serious modern comics have such over-the-top horribly sexist cheesecake that they easily surpass what this parody of that sort of attitude has!

So, to finish, with its interesting story and funny humour, Trinity Angels is yet another hit for Acclaim Comics!...

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