Thursday, May 8, 2014

Turok, Dinosaur Hunter #4 (Dynamite Comics)

Well, that's that, and I have some rather unsavoury things to say about this series

In this final issue of Turok, Dinosaur Hunter's first arc, the titular character is intent on wiping the Templar scourge from this island, regardless of what he thinks of the Native American Indian tribe...

This issue is made up of two things-Turok leading a giant dragonsaur to the Templars, and characters talking about stuff that doesn't matter. And all of this leads to a bit on an anticlimax, wherein literally nothing has been accomplished. Actually, no, not literally. Things were accomplished in this series, but it's now backpedalled on them, leaving everything back at square one...except there are a few dinosaurs about on this island, which I'm sure would actually be interesting if they had Bionic implants ala Valiant or Acclaim!

Dynamite's Turok is boring! Like I've explained in previous reviews, he has no character to him. We know nothing about him other than this tribe executed his parents for some reason. And I'm not being coy, or deliberately vague, it's really still only 'some reason' at this point. We know nothing about who or what they were! And as if that wasn't bad enough, Turok's inner monologue is him whining all the damn time, and he's constantly saying 'Alone is better' throughout this series, like it's an 80's catchphrase! Another thing, he keeps talking about his parents, the time he spent with them, how he hunted with them, saw them killed, etc. which is rather interesting, considering he was a baby when it happened!

Andar's shift from viewing Turok as an enemy of the tribe, to viewing him as a brother was way too forced and abrupt, but now he hates Turok again for no good reason, and we're back to square one. This character is nothing but an annoying waste of space. Kita's more likeable, but has no character either. Also, the fact that these characters are Native American Indians hasn't played into anything. They could be anybody else, and the script wouldn't even need to change. Especially annoying is that Turok doesn't believe in Indian culture, spirituality, and religion, but is instead a dime-a-dozen loner with a chip on his shoulder, and no interesting not oft-seen beliefs to define him. Fuck this series, I'll just go watch Smoke Signals, or Dead Man.

 As for the villainous Templars, the're not only boring, but they are all defeated very quickly and easily, which comes across as cheap!

The dialogue still sucks. The tribe still speak like this is set in 2010, rather than 1210, and the Templars talk like they're Mr. T!

The artwork is decent as always, but it wavers sometimes, such as with Marion, who is drawn like a muppet!

Decompressed storytelling is the biggest nail in the coffin for this series, as it's taken four issues (eighty pages) to tell just one simple story. Anyone reading this ever played Turok 2: Seeds of Evil? That game had zero plot minus a few level intro exposition cutscenes, yet it's still way more involved and epic than this iteration of the character could ever hope to be.

To finish, this series is a load of dull, boring garbage! Avoid, and instead try out the other DynaKey lines, one of which I know happens to actually be good! This doesn't even have any good reason to be called Turok, Dinosaur Hunter!

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