Thursday, May 8, 2014

Turok, Dinosaur Hunter #3 (Dynamite Comics)

Ugh, and now we're back to DynaKey's Turok, Dinosaur Hunter, and it isn't getting any better, guys and gals.

Turok leads the Native American Indian tribe to safety, but they may not even reach safe haven after the British Templars release an enormous dinosaur (that they keep calling a dragon, as if the writer has never seen a fantasy film in his life), which tramples through the forest, killing everything in its path...

I've read reviews and opinions that praise this series for having its script of a high standard, and I can't imagine how they think that. So far, there is no damn plot! Some crusader knights are invading this tribe. BOOM. Entire plot, right there, condensed into seven words. Not only is the script of this series extremely lacking in that regard, but also when it comes to the characters, as we still know nothing about the Gary Lou that is Turok. Literally the only thing we know about him is that the tribe murdered his parents for as-to-yet unknown reasons. And he's a broken fucking record about how he won't help the tribe, and that 'Alone is better'.

The rest of the characters don't fare much better. The most interesting is Marion, but that's mostly because I'm curious where her character will go, rather than anything she's currently doing.

The main Templar is villainous for the sake of villainy. There's zero depth to him. And why the hell are these Templars so insanely insistent that the tribe has gold?

The plot it still boring and empty. I've totally lost interest, unless there's gonna be a shock end to this arc that abruptly whisks Turok and Andar away from the action and into a post-apocalyptic sci-fi land of Cthulhu abominations. That'd be neat and unexpected, but I really doubt that'll happen, and even if it does, it doesn't make up for boring me for these months.

The climax and ending to this issue is pretty badass, and it's really the only enjoyable thing about this. When the tribe get Turok to say a prayer for their fallen leader is pretty good, but the end of the scene ruins it. Instead of it being a solemn moment, building character for Turok in how he mourns the dead, it instead has him continuing being a cliched jerkass with a chip on his shoulder. May Kishelemukong kick the crap outta you, sucka!

The cover's decent, and the artwork is good, but that can hardly save this series. It'd better pull some serious shit if it wants to impress me now. Maybe the Primagen could pop out of the woodworks and kill everyone, then Turok could Cerebral Bore him until the lightship blows up, and then releases OBLIVION!...Err, got a little N64 sidetracked there for a second...

I'll have my final say on this series for now when I post my review for #4, in about ten seconds after you read this...

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