Saturday, May 24, 2014

Solar, Man of the Atom #2 (Dynamite Comics)

Ghostbusters II is not the fucking bad one!

...Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's dig into Solar, Man of the Atom #2

Hospotalized after a nuclear catastrophe caused by her father's unstable atomic power, Erica Seleski is suffering from no apparent maladies, although she keeps having warped flashback dreams. Things start getting weird when her wing of the hospital is attacked by a mysterious and destructive robot, with an off fixation on Erica...or whatever now lies within her...

Turok impressed me for zero issues, Magnus did for one, and Solar has for two. I guess I now know which is my favourite DynaKey series then! The latest issue of Solar is pretty good. Not great, but it's definitely on top in terms of quality out of the other three DynaKey lines.

The plot is interesting, albeit drawn out, as is the norm for comics nowadays. If they're gonna take four issues to tell just one story, you'd think they'd at least make this a weekly/fortnightly series!

While we still don't know why she and her father are estranged (which is annoying), we at least get to know Erica a bit, as she's the main focus of this comic...In fact, there's extremely little Solar in this issue of Solar! That's lousy!

The alien villain(s) have nothing to them yet. All we've seen is an alien in a spaceship surveying the Earth, and sending in a robot for some reason. We've no idea who he is, what he is, or what he's up to, and why it concerns Solar.

And speaking of villains, the issue namedrops Nuro, a classic Gold Key and Dark Key Solar villain. And I just noticed, Erica-Like Erica Pierce (Mothergod) from Valiant comics! I'm guessing that's not a coincidence, although they're likely just using the name, rather than recreating that character.

Just like the previous issue, the artwork is very good. There are some bad aspects though. As well as having the same all-encompassing horizontal panel problem the previous issue had, there are also two pretty pointless two-page spreads, and a splash page! The cover sucks too. It's a muddled mess.

I've no idea what compelled the artist to do an upskirt shot of kid Erica! What the hell, dude?! Also, there's a confusing moment of conversing dialogue boxes of Colin and a worker-They're all blank, and there's no clear pattern. Can you figure out who the hell is talking? I'm pretty sure all those last four are Colin, but how the hell could one be sure?

If this series really is going to be about Solar, Woman of the Atom, I wonder how the title will fare. Will they change it four issues in (which makes it pointless to have even called it Man in the first place) or will they keep it as Man of the Atom, get decried as sexist, claim that they meant 'Man' as in the species collective sense, get that bluff called, and end up switching it to Woman of the Atom anyway?...Whichever it is, this is a pretty entertaining comic, and whether you're interested enough to get it now, or wait 'till the first story arc is over, either way is good.

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