Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dream Date With A Villain Vol. 1 (Heretical Sexts)

My Dream Date with a Villain is a new magazine/comic that comes from awesome blogger Tenebrous Kate, a huge fan of 'questionable' genre films, and the kind of person who'd watch SS Extermination Love Camp for a fun afternoon (and quite frankly, so am I). Her new publishing imprint Heretical Sexts has just been launched, and Dream Date, its first product to be released, focuses on an extremely nifty topic-How do villains date?

Dream Date is a collection of fifteen short stories (penned by various authors), some text, some in comic form, and one in a photographic format. Despite the rapid shifts in both art styles, format, and plots, the stories (all ranging from one to three pages) all flow very nicely.

I found all of the stories in this collection highly amusing, and even ones that didn't make me laugh much were still entertaining reads. One that might be divisive is the Chillin' With Lo Pan story. I dug its brief absurdity, but some might dislike it for those same reasons, and I can understand why.

The concept behind this zine is definitely a highly interesting one (to me, at least), and it pulls it off great! Seeing Dr. Doom's violent reactions to 'troubles' in the bedroom is just as amusing as would expect, as is Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (also She Wolf of the SS, Tigress of Siberia, and Wicked Warden, respectively) finding romance via a dating profile, and the Dream Dates Gone Wrong segment, wherein we learn that M.O.D.O.K. is a lush, and that the Hamburgler is a smug 9/11 conspiracy theorist!

My Dream Date with a Villain's main target audience is definitely a very niche one, but that thankfully doesn't make it inaccessible to people unfamiliar with the material the stories draw from (although the Gaston story won't be as amusing to those who aren't familiar with the Disney Beauty and the Beast movie). This is also a very macabre collection (in a good way, of course!), so it's definitely not for everybody.

As I said above, the artwork is very good here, with many nifty varying styles, some simpler than others. I especially dig the cover, which is a treat for the eyes!

To finish, My Dream Date with a Villain is extremely entertaining, and well worth a read! Tenebrous Kate does not disappoint, nor do any of her many collaborators! Heretical Sexts is a classy kinda macabre!...

*For those interested, My Dream Date with a Villain is available for purchase at http://www.hereticalsexts.com/*

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