Wednesday, July 9, 2014

She-Hulk #2 (Marvel-2014)

Wow, it took me longer than I meant to to come back to the new She-Hulk series, didn't it!

Jennifer 'She Hulk' Walters has just set up her new law firm, and one night out clubbing, she bumps into fellow superheroine Patsy Walker-Hellcat. Patsy is pretty drunk, and insistent on having some fun, so she runs out to head for a secret A.I.M. (a bad guy group in the Marvel universe) base she heard about to throw down in, with Jennifer reluctantly tagging along...

Issue #2 is more of the same in terms of dullness as #1, but it was a tiny bit better. The story is so brief and nothing, that it's infuriating that readers have to wait so long in-between issues, when what we get feels so lifeless and empty, like there's practically no-one in Jennifer Walters' life other than herself, even though she has frequent ties with all the big players of the Marvel universe.

Jennifer Walters is pretty boring here.  Her speech at the end really annoyed me. She goes on to the A.I.M agent about how she's got nothing to lose, and that her 'life seems to fall about more and more each day.' What?! The only thing that's happened to you is you quitting your last job, and you got a massive payment for another job, and now have your own law firm! Shut up, 'Jennifer'! This attitude makes no sense, especially if you factor in continuity!

One weird aspect to the comic is that Jennifer has no work to do but this one case involving a few superheroes, and for some reason she doesn't want to. That'd be ok if the comic ever explained why!

Hellcat is an unlikeable bitch here, but she's drunk, so I'll give her character the benefit of the doubt.
Jennifer's new secretary looks very unappealing, but that may be because she reminds me of Rosie O'Donnell, who I can't stand. Also, her having a pet monkey just seems odd for the sake of being odd.

The one case Jennifer has-the so called 'Blue File'-namedrops Monica Rambeau. I can't help but wonder if the 'Don't mention a great movie in your shitty one' applies here!...I'm kidding, of course, but what I will complain about in that regard is that the picture of Monica in the file is of a white woman!

The artwork is decent in places, but mostly amateurish. Sometimes the character ratios are screwed up, sometimes the characters appear pudgy, even though they're not meant to, and sometimes there are nothing white backgrounds. Also, it became more and more noticeable to me that the characters, especially Jennifer, look dead-eyed! Speaking of eyes, there's a terrible two-page spread!

I won't complain about the artwork too much though...Because I've seen how much worse it gets! I might as well talk about this here for a bit, as I have no intention of getting any more issues of this series any time soon. Issue #5 has a new artist, who I think is a temporary fill-in, and his art style is Aeon Flux if it looked like shit! And if you're familiar with Aeon Flux, you know that it already looks like shit!

To finish, She Hulk #2 is dull as nothing, and is completely unworthy of being a She Hulk comic!...

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