Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quantum and Woody #1 (Acclaim Comics)

Still fondly remembered to this day, Quantum and Woody is the Acclaim series so popular that even the Valiant comics elitists (yes, such a thing exists) like it, despite hating every other fiber of Acclaim's guts (for 'ruining' Valiant, which is an 'interesting' viewpoint to say the least, since Acclaim bought the dying Valiant and kept it going for another two years, technically four). It was a comedy, and while it apparently didn't do too well in sales, it still got more issues than any other Acclaim series, which is fantastic!

Eric Henderson and Woody van Chelton were best friends as kids, but lost contact, something which both are very bitter about when they meet again after fifteen years at the funeral of their fathers-Business partners who died in a helicopter crash together. Questioned by a policeman, the two realize their fathers may have been murdered, and they're prime suspects. They reluctantly team up to find the real killer, and in the process, uncover the truth behind what their fathers were working on...

*Animal loving readers, don't worry, that dog in the above picture isn't really dead...and it gets its revenge for being fed sleeping pills...

Quantum and Woody is friggin' hilarious HILARIOUS, no doubt about that! The title characters are very well-written-They each have loads of character to them already, what really helps sell these characters is that the story is funny, but also has real drama that makes you care about the two leads.

This series is very non-linear, and while it may throw you off at first, it's easy enough to get used to. The reason the writers utilized non-linearity was because they wanted to start the story proper in Issue #1, rather than devote the whole thing to the beginning of the origin story, and this way, they can both tell both simultaneously.

The framing is perfect! At the start, we get two funny vignettes of Eric and Woody as a kid, then a final one which is more dramatic, which is a segue into the present day.

All in all, this is a very good opener, and I definitely find that Quantum and Woody lives up to its reputation!

By the way, some great Q&W news! Not only are original series authors Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright writing a special sequel miniseries (which is so cool of Valiant to allow! Thanks so much, dudes!), but a classic Q&W omnibus is coming in October, containing the complete 24 issue series, plus unpublished issues (which were never released due to the series' untimely cancellation), extra short stories/material/bonus features, and the issue of XO Man-O-War the duo appeared in! Wow, awesome!...Except for the $100 dollar price tag, of course. That's probably gonna be a dealbreaker for many, me included, maybe.

This first issue is currently free on digital comics website Comixology, so if Quantum and Woody sounds at all interesting to you, then you have nothing to lose by getting it and giving it a read!...

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