Thursday, February 13, 2014

She Hulk #1 (2014-)

Ah, the Jade Giantess is back, in a new series! Always a good thing, seeing as how Jennifer "She Hulk" Walters is my favourite Marvel character. So, is this first issue in her new series as good as previous ones?...Unfortunately, no.

She-Hulk, a lawyer, is laid off from her job at an unscrupulous firm, and when drinking in a bar, someone approaches her for legal help involving a lawsuit against Stark Industries...

This issue isn't terrible, but it's not very good. It's just there. The story is a bore, there are no entertaining characters, and that includes She Hulk, and the cameo-ing Tony "Iron Man" Stark. She-Hulk doesn't get much character here at all. All we can tell is that she's a lawyer.

The Stark Industries (or whatever random keyword the company's name is at this point) lawyer is annoyingly long-winded. I know that's the point, but regardless, there's still several, several paragraphs of him talking, and it's interminable!

The artwork is different from previous She Hulk lines, but it's still good. Just a little distracting at first when you're familiar with the other art styles. Though sometimes there are no backgrounds, which seems a bit lazy. And there's also a whole page that's just of She Hulk getting served in a bar. As for the cover, it's decent.

Onto another positive, the issue tells a complete story in about twenty pages, which is better than many comics can do. And the first page, a splash one, is great! It's a montage of She Hulk, and it shows off various facets of her character without any dialogue. If only that kind of fun and character could have carried over to the actual story we got here.

And that's it. This issue was so unremarkable, there's really not a whole lot I can say about it.

To finish, this didn't impress me, but I am curious about the next issue. Hopefully it'll be better.


  1. Dude, had no idea that you ran a comic blog - really digging what I've read, and it's nice to see a constructive review of the first issue of She Hulk, since I've been reading a lot of positive reviews of this one.

    Am liking the artwork on this one, like you said.

  2. Yeah, it's been up for about a month now.

    I've also now read the second issue, although due to hacking (?) stuff that happened to website Comixology last night, the review'll be a little postponed.