Friday, February 21, 2014

Bloodshot #1 (Classic Valiant)

*Sigh* And I thought this was such a good series from the issues I'd read...

Bloodshot #1 is about Bloodshot, a superpowered guy trying to find out the truth behind his identity and the people who experimented on him, by questioning the mafia. Is that too vague a summary for you? Well blame the comic then. It's the one that starts the series midway through the storyline, without ever, ever showing us that first half.

This is a decent opener, but pretty mediocre. It's biggest issue is the unanswered questions. And I don't mean 'Why is this Bloodshot guy's identity a mystery? How dare the writers try to build up a mysterious story arc!', what I mean is that the story starts off midway, some time after Bloodshot has already escaped and embarked on his quest, so you're left with questions like 'What the hell is going on?', 'Who the hell is Malcolm?' And 'what's this Bloodshot guy's' deal?' Bloodshot first appeared (I think) in Eternal Warrior, and his appearance there wasn't much of an origin either. I don't get why the series couldn't have just started at the start, rather than in media res.

I also don't get why we find out what the experiment that gave Bloodshot his powers was, as well as who are responsible for it, and find out Bloodshot's identity at the end of this first issue. Way to have an intriguing series plot, guys!

There's some decent action on display here, and the gore is fine. Funny how the big comic companies at the time were fine with having graphic violence, but not nudity.

The cover is nothing special. It's just a mediocre drawing of Bloodshot, in front of a nothing background. It doesn't exactly scream 'buy me'.

The artwork is decent allround, although at the airport at the start, the (recurring) MI6 character Sinclair, and one of the terrorists, look and dress similar, so you'd be forgiven for getting them mixed up.

There's not really much more I can say about Bloodshot # 1. It's an ok first issue, but mediocre and unremarkable

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