Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Second Life of Doctor Mirage: Overall (Classic Valiant)

not all have humour,  plots are either too immediate   real-time  or too dark for comedy to =

From what I've found out, Issue #19 would have been another one guest-starring soap star Walt Willey! He notices mysterious paranormal goings-on at a ranch of his, and calls on the Mirages to help

with ripe potential for future stories, had they ever come about.

The villains in Second Life are pretty great, and quite varied, although the dialogue of two particular ones do meld together a bit too much for my liking. All in all, this series has a nice and distinctive rogues gallery, from the utterly looney-tunes madman Dr. Eclipse, the unhinged ectoplasmic stalker Otherman, and the malevolent Deathsmith and his army of monsters crafted from warped and twisted human flesh. And then there's Master Darque, but I find him to be an utterly boring and annoying character.]

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