Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Dynamite Comics)

Crusader knights from England have come to the native inhabited island of Manhattan to reclaim it for the Holy Land, and with their advanced weapons, armour, and dinosaurs (yes, really), they're too formidable, and take control of the Indian village instantly, and only outcast Turok, and his rival Andar can help free the tribe...

There isn't much plot in this latest issue of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. It's just 'stuff happens'.

While the story is pretty lethargic, the characters are underwritten, and Andar's newfound brotherhood with Turok comes out of nowhere. What would have been better is if these childhood enemies reluctantly work together until the end of this four-issue story arc, so by that point, we could buy that they've become friends and 'brothers', but as it stands, it happened way too quickly.

As for the title character, we still know next to nothing about him other than his parents were executed for supposedly being 'evil creatures from the Snake Hills'. His sporadic internal monologues help to flesh his character, if only very slightly.  By the way, how does he remember his parents, and what they taught him? He's a baby in all the flashbacks of their deaths!

Kita, the daughter of the Indian tribe's chief, and Andar's sister, gets quite a bit do you say screentime for a comic book? She doesn't have anything to her though. Hopefully they build on her as a character in later issues.

The Knights Templar are so far just nothing bad guys, evil for the sake of being evil (evil like this making you a good and pure Christian by 1210 standards)

The writing decent, but it suffers from the exact same problem #1 did-the very modern-style dialogue the Native American's use.

The artwork is all good, even if there are a couple of instances where shadows gives characters Lone Ranger masks. Also, there might be a continuity error with Turok's hair, or maybe not.


One thing baffles me-why is this series called Turok: Dinosaur Hunter? Not only are the dinosaurs barely in the series, but they're not the main (and barely even secondary) villains!

This is a good continuation of this story, but I'd be more inclined to recommend it when the remaining two parts of this arc come out, so you can read the complete first story in its entirety, rather than split up over a third of the year.

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